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Team building activities for students

Team building activities for students
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In this article I am going to describe team building activities for students also employee who work in corporate sector. Team building activity helps to make unity within team; not only student but employee can also solve their problems with the help of team building activity.

Team building activities for students

Team building activities for students

Building Teams Competency

Choose from your past experiences anyone situation where you have helped resolve a situation using the building teams competency.


Address the -who, what, when and where of the situation. Your description should include both the situation and the limitations perhaps you had to work under.


What was your role.-What were you actual detailed to do. How did you turn the problem into an opportunity?

How did you realize there was a problem-How did you overcome roadblocks?

Explain the sequence of events.

Outcome: How did things change for the better?

What lesson did you learn?

Try to use quantifiable metrics and be specific in detailing the outcome.

Avoid generic references to results.

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Team building activity helps to improve co-ordination with in team and each and individuals can overcome on their weaknesses

Phases of Team Building activities for students


Team building activities for students

Team acquaints and establishes ground rules .Formalities are preserved and team members are treated

as strangers




Team building activities for students

Team members start to communicate their feelings but still view themselves as individuals rather as team .They show resistance towards group control.




Team building activities for students


Members start to feel part of the team and realize they can achieve work if they accept others’ viewpoints.



Team building activities for students


The team works in an open and trusting environment where flexibility is the key.



Following team building activities for students are described in brief.

A Truth and A Lie

Have every member introduce themselves by stating their name and one truth concerning themselves and one lie. Once every person makes their statements

 Egg Drop

This is often a untidy nonetheless classic participating downside. Split the team into 2-3 groups of cheap size. The task is to create an egg package that may keep the egg intact from a 2-4 an drop

Tools that may be provided anyone newspapers, straws, tape, plastic, balloons, rubber bands.

 The Mine Field

The idea behind this exercise is to boost team members’ trust, their relationship, and to speak in a very more effective way

Win or lose

This is another classical team game, which might be terribly simply dead. You wish paper, pen, and a flipchart/whiteboard, think about items that match into certain classes.

Discuss in a circle

This is a extremely challenging game that’s only suggested for groups who love challenges. Place everybody in a very revolve around a protracted piece of string that’s tied at its ends to create a circle. Have everybody grasp the string with each hand and hold the string waist high. While not property go, the team can ought to kind shapes with the string; a sq., a triangle, a figure eight, a parallelogram, etc. Repeat the sport however with everybody’s eyes shut! This can need everyone to speak clearly and listen well

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